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I was born in Tilburg, The Netherlands, in 1942, and have been living and working in Scotland since 1984.

When my high school art teacher suggested art academy in the late 1950's, I ignored it: artists at that time were not known to make a decent living, and besides, my old man would never have approved. So I studied chemistry. I did some painting in the 60's, mostly acrylic on board abstracts. I played bass guitar in various bands, and did gigs until '69. ... and generally bummed about, as you do at that age. In the early 70's I made some welded steel wall sculptures of which two were commissions. I did attend workshops in iron and bronze casting at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop from 2009.

As far as money-generating work is concerned: after the chemistry followed the electronics. From about 1970 until 2007 I have been designing and making scientific instruments: oceanographic, optical and geophysical. I have a BSc equivalent in chemistry, and a MPhil in electronic engineering. And 40+ years of metal work experience. I am a member of ISC and sculpture-network

About my work....

My wall-hanging sculptures usually include optical elements and are closer to abstract than figurative. I work with sheet metals -and sometimes GRP- and combine materials with different characteristics and surface structures. I use chemical and electrochemical methods to attain the required surface finish. For free standing sculptures I love combining the clean perfection and well-defined surfaces of optical elements with the near-organic quality of patinated cast bronze. I am intrigued by the eye, as a window to the soul (whatever that may be) and, in my opinion, an essential part of human communication.

Some of my work is critical of religion. Religion - every religion - is based on unsubstantiated and unsustainable assumptions. Centuries of confirmation bias have impregnated all of human society with religious philosophies, with disastrous results: intolerance, hate, violence, wars, suppression of women, suppression of free creative thinking and unacceptable interference in world affairs.

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